External Furniture - As well as milling timber I can also convert this into external garden furniture. Benches, tables, pergolas and timber frames all allow the beauty of a tree to carry on being displayed after it has been felled. I have a vast amount of appreciation for wood and I believe that often it deserves to be turned into something enduring.


Internal Furniture - After timber has been seasoned for long enough it becomes usable for internal joinery applications. I have made various bespoke items such as desks and tables out of wood milled by myself. Following the process from felling the tree to milling it into lumber and finally creating something from it gives me a great deal of pride in the finished product. With all the furniture I make I tend to use a mixture of traditional joinery practices for strength and structure whilst also using modern fixtures and fittings to allow for convenience. More pictures of items I have made can be found HERE



Worktops - A wooden worktop can be a real centerpiece to any kitchen. One differences of bespoke worktops compared to generic worktops is that the layout and width of the staves can be changed so there is wider and longer sections of grain on show.

Household Items - Wood can be used in an almost infinite amount of ways…