Lucas Sawmill - I run a 6 inch Lucas sawmill which can quickly cut logs into dimensional timber such as 4"x2"s and 6"x1" boards. It is fully portable and can used in most scenarios. It can also be used to flatten wide seasoned boards ready to be used for furniture. The maximum dimensions it can cut with the circular saw are up to a 6x6 post or a 12x6 beam which can be done by cutting from both sides. With the slabbing attachment it can cut full width boards up to 1.2m wide.


Alaskan sawmills are the most adaptable way of turning a log into lumber. It enables me to mill timber anywhere that might prove difficult for larger mobile sawmills to access. Whether its through a narrow garden gate or across a boggy field, an alaskan mill can be taken anywhere that is reachable by foot. I am very passionate about utilizing wood for timber rather than it being turned into firewood. I can mill trees up to 1.5 meters in diameter.


Woodmizer LT20 Bandsaw mill - I have a static 3 phase Woodmizer bandsaw mill which can cut a variety of different products very efficiently and quickly. I have access mainly to Oak and Sweet chestnut but also small quantities of Ash, Hornbeam and Silver Birch. I will also mill clients timber on it if they have the ability to transport it to Lamberhurst where it is located.

Posts, beams and square edge boards can also be milled with another type of chainsaw mill.