Two days sawmilling in London

I've spent the last couple of days sawmilling in London. The first job in Hampton was to mill a couple of cherry logs into inch and a quarter thick slices for the client who was also a keen woodworker. It was really interesting to see some brilliant projects he had made before out of some sycamore which they'd had milled. 


The cherry had some real nice colours in it. I'm sure it will be put to good use!



The second job near Crystal Palace was a large Cedar which the client had taken down by tree surgeons the week before. It pretty much rained the whole day which can get a bit frustrating. However, I persevered and got this pretty wide log milled up into inch and 3/4 boards which I will be getting kiln dried and then turned into desks in the future. I still have another day or so milling there as the tree is huge and has plenty of good timber in it. 

Its going to be a really interesting project and I'm pretty excited to start building some desks...