Nature observation tower part 1

Over the past few months I've been working on this observation/high tower/cabin on stilts. All the wood has been milled by either myself or my good friend Matthew from Plumpton College.


The 4 main 5x5 legs are cut from a single Oak log, the rest of the frame work is Sweet Chestnut. Both of these timbers are very structurally strong and also very resistant to decay. The 4 legs are also sat on chestnut feet which can be replaced if they start to rot. At some point during the summer we plan to jack the legs up and put small concrete pads under them.


The roof and floor are both made from inch thick Western Hemlock boards. The roof then has a plastic membrane and then felt on top of it which makes for a very waterproof roof! The fascias are all Western Red cedar which is an ideal timber to use for things that are always exposed to the elements.

The sides of the cabin were covered with a breathable membrane and then cladded with 8x1 Western Red Cedar boards. Its a lovely timber to work with and smells great when you cut it. It's really starting to come together now, just the front and one side left to clad then its onto the windows which we are planning to make out of oak 2x3 with polycarbonate windows.